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In Switzerland, one million people work in professions ensuring the supply of our everyday goods. Often unnoticed. We make sure they are noticed.


The members and partners of SWISS SUPPLY are 25 Swiss sector organisations. We look forward to welcoming more co-creators.


We shine a spotlight on our economic services. Existing initiatives are strengthened and new ones receive support. Moving together.


Our activities are grassroots-funded and made possible by volunteer efforts. For new initiatives, we promote additional fundraising.





The national supply of procurement, logistics, storage, transport, forwarding and packing as well as waste management and recycling forms a systemically relevant backbone of the Swiss economy, and not just since the coronavirus pandemic. In Switzerland, every fifth person, i.e. a total of over one million employees, works directly or indirectly in this sector. Despite this central importance for the economy and the population, their contribution is underestimated. The sector’s reputation needs to be improved, as there often is a lack of knowledge about the diverse job profiles and career opportunities.

On the occasion of the successful implementation of the “Experience logistics!” exhibition at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne, the desire to join forces was expressed. In order to improve the reputation of supply, logistics and transport in Switzerland in a joint, committed and sustainable approach, seven organisations founded the association, SWISS SUPPLY. By joining forces, existing initiatives are to be strengthened and new joint activities launched. The aim of the new association is to promote the reputation of supply chain, logistics and transport in Switzerland by informing and educating the public about

  • the fundamental importance of value chains
  • the contribution of the sectors responsible for the supply of goods and waste management/recycling to the economy and society, and
  • the variety of job profiles and career opportunities within these sectors and functions.

Our aim is to raise awareness and understanding among the public. We also want to generate early enthusiasm among young people for our industry and responsibilities and the sector’s varied, future-oriented and meaningful activities. We show students and career changers our comprehensive career opportunities with wide-ranging possibilities. Moving together.

The cooperations-partners of SWISS SUPPLY

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