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SWISS SUPPLY intends to strengthen existing initiatives in the field of education and image promotion, as well as initiate the following projects:

  • In cooperation with the Swiss Museum of Transport, maintain and update the “Experience logistics!” exhibition in the long term, and expand it.
  • Joint organisation and implementation of the annual Swiss Logistics Day
  • Implementation of a national image promotion campaign
  • Comprehensive and objective overview of the Swiss logistics, supply & transport education landscape (pilot website www.logistics.life)
  • Publication of all national association events including Swiss honours and awards
  • Appearances at national HR and logistics & transport trade fairs
  • Building a strong network to secure ideas and activities for the benefit of the supply, logistics & transport landscape in the long term.

This list is not exhaustive. Further ideas are expressly invited and welcome.

These initiatives are already in place or at an advanced stage. SWISS SUPPLY is working together with its partners to develop them further.

Experience Logistics!

Since spring 2020, LOGISITK ERLEBEN! has been the name of the game at the Swiss Museum of Transport, Switzerland's most visited museum. More than 80 partners, including all SWISS SUPPLY members, ensure amazement and great experiences. The focus exhibition will run until autumn 2022. But that, logistics will continue to be showcased in Lucerne.

Swiss Logistics Day

Together with numerous companies and the Swiss logistics associations, GS1 Switzerland organises the Swiss Logistics Day every year in April to draw the public’s attention to the significance and importance of the industry. The national industry awareness day is part of the European Supply Chain Day. This year, mainly with digital events.

AGENDA: Events. Honours. Awards

Meet colleagues and industry experts or simply make new contacts. Find out about national honours and awards. Switzerland offers a wide range of national supply, logistics and transport events. Stay informed. SWISS SUPPLY’s national AGENDA provides the latest overview.


Having the finger on the pulse. Careers in supply, logistics and transport are versatile and future-oriented. Be in the picture: career paths from initial training to continuing professional development. Information on training providers. And all jobs. For newcomers or at any stage of your career. Keep track of everything at logistics.life.

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