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The new logistics exhibition at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne

The Swiss Museum of Transport has developed and implemented “Experience logistics!” together with the Swiss industry associations, all members of SWISS SUPPLY and many committed companies and supporters. The exhibition first opened in spring 2020. On 1 March 2021, the Swiss Museum of Transport – and the logistics exhibition – reopened its doors to visitors with new attractions after having to close due to coronavirus-related restrictions: a shunting game, the new hydrogen exhibition, the exciting parcel loading game and the redesigned display of the DS Rigi freight ship are definitely worth a visit in 2021.

Nothing in the world moves without logistics. But what does it take to ensure the movement of goods globally and in Switzerland? What does a simple order on the Internet trigger? A new focus exhibition at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne offers fascinating insights.

Climb aboard a pedalo on the artificial water basin in the middle of the Swiss Museum of Transport Arena and explore the earth in miniature, with the largest container ports. As you do so, you will circle Pallettenhafen, a work of art using around 1,800 standardised pallets, all made of Swiss timber. Located at the heart of the Swiss Museum of Transport, various containers have been converted into interactive exhibition rooms and show, for example, the impressive journey of a banana – all the way from the farmer in Costa Rica to a supermarket shelf in Switzerland.

In the Road Transport Hall, you can discover how an automated small parts warehouse works. Try your hand at being a “logistician” at one of the scanning and picking stations. Get an overview of supply chains with the help of a miniature model. In addition, virtual reality chairs using virtual reality technology turn logistics into an experience. The attractive job profiles offered by the logistics industry can also be discovered in a playful and interactive way on the large multimedia wall of the SUPPLY GAME.

The focus exhibition at the Swiss Museum of Transport will last until the end of summer 2022. During this period, the Swiss Museum of Transport will also be used intensively as a forum for the logistics and transport industry, both for events and as a place to promote education and young talent. Subsequently, the themed area will continue to offer a logistics experience.

"We are here to stay"

SUPPLY GAME - The interactive chocolate logistics game

The topics of supply, logistics and transport belong in the Swiss Museum of Transport. No question.

We want to ensure on a long-term basis that we continue to bring “our” topics closer to the general public in the future at Switzerland’s most visited museum, which attracts around one million visitors a year.

To do this, we need the support of all interested parties. Together with its members and supporters, SWISS SUPPLY wants to ensure that logistics remains an important and always topical subject at the Swiss Museum of Transport. If you would like to support us in any way, we look forward to hearing from you.

"experience logistics!" support

EXPERICENCE LOGISTICS! - Impressions from the exhibition

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