The founding members of SWISS SUPPLY are the logistics, supply and transport organisations ASFL SVBL, ASTAG, GS1 Switzerland,, SPEDLOGSWISS, VNL Switzerland and the Swiss Logistics Foundation. They also form the sponsorship of the association. Together, these organisations represent well over 10,000 members.

The Swiss Association for Vocational Education and Training in Logistics (ASFL SVBL) has been promoting the logistics profession as an organisation of the world of work (OdA) for over 30 years.

The association also offers continuing vocational training in various fields and opportunities for further training, with qualifications up to federal diploma level.

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Committed. Secure. To the destination. On behalf of its 3,800 members, the Swiss Commercial Vehicles Association ASTAG promotes the interests and justified concerns of road transport and the transport industry. In addition to commercial goods transport and own-account transport for company purposes, ASTAG also represents passenger transport with its two specialist groups, Car Tourisme Suisse and taxisuisse.

As the competent contact for authorities, members, customers and partners, ASTAG is mainly committed to solving all tasks in connection with motorised commercial vehicle transport. ASTAG is also heavily involved in basic and further vocational training. This is also intended to promote young talent and career planning, as well as to improve road safety and the image of the industry.

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GS1 Switzerland is the professional association for sustainable value networks. The association facilitates solutions for more efficient value networks with the help of global standards. It supports companies in optimising their flows of goods, information and values and provides practical knowledge.

Together with its currently more than 6,200 members, GS1 develops standards and process recommendations and creates benefits for all involved. At the same time, GS1 is a leading educational institution in the field of logistics, supply chains and demand management.

GS1 Switzerland is a neutral association based in Bern and part of the not-for-profit organisation GS1, which is active in 140 countries.

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As a national professional association for purchasing and supply management, offers its 1,600 members professionally organised networking opportunities and specialist know-how. For 60 years, its goal has been to empower professionals at all functional levels for their demanding day-to-day work in procurement. The professional association makes a significant contribution to maintaining and improving the competitiveness of the Swiss economy. promotes professional development in the field of procurement. It acts at the level of vocational and higher vocational training and creates links with universities, conducts practice-oriented federal examinations on behalf of the Swiss Confederation, actively maintains contacts with national and international organisations and promotes relations and the exchange of experience among its members.

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SPEDLOGSWISS is the association of internationally active forwarding and logistics companies in Switzerland. The association is transportation mode-neutral and represents more than 95% of the freight forwarding industry in Switzerland. SPEDLOGSWISS represents the interests of over 340 member companies from the forwarding and logistics sector.

A constructive and future-proof contribution to the economy and all its participants requires a high level of business, economic and ecological efficiency. This is only possible if suitable framework conditions are created and maintained. SPEDLOGSWISS is comprehensively committed to ensuring this.

SPEDLOGSWISS sees maintaining continuous contact with the media and authorities, with special interest groups and its member companies as one of its most important tasks.


The association, Netzwerk Logistik VNL Schweiz, is committed to sustainable logistics. It bridges science and business. The aim is to transfer knowledge and implement scientific know-how, research findings and technical innovations in companies. In addition, the VNL promotes research projects by industry, trade and the service sector, as well as the transfer of research projects into supply chain and in-house logistics solutions. It has a strong focus on the practical application of research and innovations along the entire value chain.

Founded in 2008, the network sees itself as an interactive community that brings concrete benefits to its currently more than 200 members. The goal is to make Switzerland more competitive as a business location, and logistics in all sectors more cost-efficient, customer-focused and sustainable.

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The Swiss Logistics Foundation is a non-profit foundation within the meaning of Article 80 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code. It was founded in 2015 by ten founding members and promotes reputation, education and career opportunities in the field of supply, logistics and transport. It does this by supporting existing initiatives and organising new support projects.

The foundation is the initiator and organiser of the Swiss Supply Chain Hall of Fame. Since 2015, this has honoured individuals who have rendered outstanding services to the promotion and development of logistics. The Hall of Fame is virtual and can be accessed online at

The Foundation is the initiator and co-organiser of the new “Experience logistics!” exhibition at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne, Switzerland’s most visited museum.

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Die Intralogistik Schweiz (ILS) ist der Verband schweizerischer Unternehmen, die Produkte und Dienstleistungen im Bereich der Intralogistik erbringen. Dazu zählen weit über 100 Firmen, deren Tätigkeiten sich von der Förder- und Hebeanlagen bis hin zur Materialflusstechnik erstrecken. Auch Hersteller von Flurfördermitteln, Systemintegratoren, Lieferanten von Steuerungstechnik, Lagertechnik, Betriebseinrichtungen und Beratungsfirmen im Bereich Intralogistik sind vertreten.

Zu den Zielen der ILS zählen die Kontaktpflege und der Erfahrungsaustausch unter den Mitgliedern. Sie dient ferner als Networking-Plattform und veranstaltet Anlässe, Kurse und Besichtigungen. Die ILS vertritt die gemeinsamen wirtschaftlichen, ideellen und technischen Interessen der Verbandsmitglieder gegenüber von Organisationen, Verbänden und Behörden. Im Weiteren engagiert sich die ILS beim Erarbeiten von Empfehlungen, Orientierungshilfen, Merkblättern und Verhaltenskodizes, Qualitäts- und Sicherheitsstandards und übernimmt die Koordination und Vermittlung von für ILS-Mitglieder wichtigen Brancheninformationen.

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The VAP promotes rail freight transport. Since 1912, the VAP Association of the Freight Industry has been campaigning for market-oriented framework conditions and an attractive Swiss rail freight system.

It represents around 300 companies from Switzerland and neighbouring countries that rely on the railways in addition to other modes of transport.

With its practice-oriented association work, the VAP helps shippers and the logistics industry to minimise the cost of transporting goods by rail. With an active transport policy, it works to optimise the economic policy framework so that rail remains a worthwhile connection in the future.

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