SWISS SUPPLY is growing.

Already 25 participants

Dietikon, September 2021

We are pleased that the idea of SWISS SUPPLY has been well received. 6 months after its foundation, we can already warmly welcome two more members and 16 cooperation partners and look forward to moving forward together!

9 members

16 cooperation partner

First Board Meeting on 4 May 2021

After the foundation, now the work.

On 4 May 2021, the entire board met for a board and strategy meeting at ASFL SVBL in Rupperswil.

SWISS SUPPLY is founded.

The founding meeting on 26 March 2021 marked the launch of SWISS SUPPLY. The office has been set up and is ready to start work. The website,, is online. Next, the first working groups will be formed to prioritise and plan existing and future initiatives and to finance and implement them in the medium term. At the same time, we are actively approaching further potential members, cooperation partners and those interested in joining. By the end of 2021, we plan to realise or initiate the first exciting projects.

Moving together. With you. We look forward to it!  

Founding Assembly SWISS SUPPLY 26.3.21

Founding act

Founding members

 SWISS SUPPLY in a nutshell

Media review

We are pleased to receive press releases about our activities. To read them, simply visit our current media page regularly.

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